Philippine Trip 2016



In planning for this trip I am realizing the monumental undertaking in the preparation involving my family of four with this undertaking. So getting the necessary vaccinations, proper travel documents, multiple accommodations for the various destination points, itinerary checkpoints with all the friends and relatives and just getting everyone in the right frame of mind. All of this with the mind set that it will be completely a worthwhile amazing experience for the whole family (fingers crossed).


So getting passports ready for yourself and your spouse is one thing, getting them for your children is another. First of all is cost. Processing for four passports, 2 adults and 2 children will run about $400- $500 dollars. This includes passport pictures and document processing. The nearest Passport agency is in Van Nuys, CA. This facility is always busy just before summer which coincidentally is the exact time we decided to go. YAY! Unfortunately the children must be present at time of document processing. So if you can imagine waiting in line with a 11 and 7 year old for about 5 hours… you can get the picture and it’s not pretty. As if the draconian wait time was not enough…. this facility had no restroom on site for customers. The nearest would be the Taco Bell across the street. SIGH!


So after about 4.5 hours, two trips to Taco Bell, one baby girl tantrum, one Mommy girl tantrum our number is called and we submit the paperwork then fast forward 5 weeks later. Viola!