Philippine Trip 2016



45 minutes into the boat trip things were looking up in the weather department. Rays of sunlight were poking through the clouds and the water was lightening up to a rich turquoise color.

Its like we were in an eye of a storm. All around the surrounding area it was raining but on the island it was perfect weather. No rain, no wind and the water was pristine and calm.


I took a look around, I exhaled a relaxed breath and then took in the serene beauty that surrounded us. The sounds of the soft lapping waves, the smell of fresh ocean goodness. My kids were screaming “BEACH”. They wanted to jump right into the water from the wharf. I might have let them if it weren’t for the couple of warning signs of Jellyfish and Sting rays which I was assured by the staff would not be a problem this time of year.



To suddenly be in a postcard is jarring enough, but then to realize you have a week to enjoy it plays with your mind a bit.


Home away from Manila, away from California.





One thing to keep in mind is that the whole island runs on a gas electric generator, which means that for two hours of the day their is no electric to rest the generators. 10AM and 4PM. In July when it is high humidity and high heat, those two hours become noticeable inside the bungalows. I would suggest being in the water at those designated times.


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