Philippine Trip 2016



The night before the Medina family conked out at 6pm into a coma. That meant yours truly would be the one to pack up the gear for the Palawan trip all by his lonesome. Its cool I really don’t sleep as it is so packing for the trip worked out anyhow. I feel I pack way more efficiently then Audrey. I figured I’d put all my wife’s and kids gear into the really big luggage and I’d manage myself with the smaller one. I would also have to pack the tech back pack as well as my “Everyday Messenger Bag” by Peak Design for all my Photo gear.



So on this flight it would be Audrey, Gavin, Reese, Ate Roxannne and Ate Joreen and myself. The two sisters pre-packed their gear before turning in. Don would take us to the Airport early in the morning, 5am for our 7:30 flight with Philippine airlines.




The flight was a quick 1 hour jaunt to Puerto Princessa Airport. A tiny one at that so loading and unloading on the Tarmac was the norm. It was still early in the morning but it was steaming up pretty quickly. Couldn’t get to the island quick enough. Our hotel had transport awaiting us to take us to the docks where we would embark on an approximately an hour boat ride to the island.


A lil reassurance was needed during a brief turbulence spell near the landing portion of our trip.


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